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Appendix II.


deserves mention on account of its use of an inclined Field tube,
the inner portion of which serves as downcomer; and there is only
one header, a double one, placed at the front In Fig. 799, A us
the rising tube and B the downcomer, the rising header c: entering
the stea.m receiver at a higher point than the falling header r>,
The tubes are easily removed from the front.

The Belleville boiler, now considerably adopted on  English
battleships, is shewn in Fig, 800.    A. is a non-con ducting casing,

limed with firebrick at B, and containing firebars cf ashpit i>, and
tubes E. The tubes are divided into eight or 'elements,'

of "which is a coil having its upper end connected to the
receiver F, and its lower end to the                       ci, which

Is a continuation of the downcomer H. The water,, auto-
matically controlled by a float-governed            valve,             the
receiver F at j, and is distributed along the lower portion, flowing

through pipes w and a, from the latter of which It enter*